David Wilson

one of a kind


“You are a one of a kind.” Henry Mancini


Album review, Strings Magazine, January 2009

“Nobody Does It Better”

“Suave violinist David Wilson takes his time, four to five minutes each, exploring and transforming ten pop standards by the Beatles, Roberta Flack, Stevie Wonder, Herb Alpert, Carly Simon, Lionel Richie, Al Green, and others. Wilson uses the uniquely grainy sound of his violin to create a series of insinuating, bittersweet, and anti-sentimental moods that magically find the emotional center of each tune. It’s reminiscent of a style from a different era, one that we may have too casually dismissed, when cool really meant laid-back and low-key. It may be a style that is regaining some of its appeal. Hearing this CD is a reminder that the masters of that era were superb musicians in just the way that Old Blue Eyes was, singing encores in a smoke-filled lounge late at night, knowing that his audience was falling in love.”

In addition to the violin, he plays flugelhorn, guitar, and accordion, and he’s backed here by top session musicians. The audiophile-quality sound expertly mixes the instruments without losing Wilson’s expressive sound among the shimmering cymbals or the velvet bass…. The last of the ten tracks on the disc says it all: “Nobody Does It Better”.”
– Laurence Vittes

From Tonet’s Daily Easy Listening Radio, November, 2008 Classic Love Songs

“Nobody Does It Better.” “I must say this album is a complete classic love song package… …”Nobody Does It Better” is a charming collection perfect for a romantic night. It’s the best-loved pieces of classical music that are flawlessly arranged to violin. The musical arrangement is indeed enchanting and intuitive. The song opening “Make It With You” is a fresh rendition, it almost hurts to be confronted with such an exquisite melody. As each lovely songs step forward, it will ultimately leave you a nostalgic musical experience.” – Anthonette Ardael

From Tonet’s Daily Easy Listening Radio, 2009 Bossa Nova Playlist. “Elegancia”

“It was extraordinary to have bossa nova on violin. Very smooth and stimulating sounds! Highly recommended songs… the album is a true gem of Latin jazz… I absolutely recommend this album…”
– Anthonette Ardael

From JazzWest.com “Easy to Love”

“Violinist David Wilson enters jazz territory with “Easy to Love”, an album of classic songs that pays tribute to the great Cole Porter. Porter’s works are known for their urbane sophistication, yet at the hands of Wilson, these standards come off sounding smooth and nonchalant. Stunning renditions of From This moment On, In the Still of the Night, and What is This Thing Called Love capture every bit of the romance and elegance the songs command, utilizing styles which range from jazz to swinging Latin bossa nova.”