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The Crossing

Posted by on Oct 18, 2013

The Crossing

The Crossing” – ten tracks of David’s original compositions. “The Crossing” also demonstrates his unique playing approach to a wide range of styles.


David writes:
“The Crossing”
.. was first conceived during the dark early morning hours in the back streets of Hollywood, 1988. Along with a recorded background accompaniment which I created during that time, I first performed “The Crossing” at Il Cielo Restaurant in Beverly Hills where I entertained nightly. For this album, I played the 12 string guitar, as well as the subdued organ part. Benedikt Brydern created the orchestral strings. The drums and percussion are by M. B. Gordy.  Mixolydian scale lends to it an exotic, world beat flavor.

“Nightwatch” .. Written in the mid 1990’s, this dark melody with a Latin rhythm alludes to mysterious events unfolding in the depths of night. Guided by Benedikt’s uncanny musicianship
and audio engineering, I performed all the parts except the drums (M. B. Gordy) and guitar (Larry Giannecchini).

..is an exchange between two musical personalities – the muted flugelhorn and violin – each wrestling with their own interpretations of this dark little tune. Both eventually reach a bittersweet conclusion, before slipping into slumber. I played both the horn and violin on this one.

“Cat Walk”..This track portrays visions of a rambling, busted up old tom cat as he prowls the neighborhood’s back alleys, investigating their crannies and nooks which he knows so well. Under Benny’s watchful eyes and ears, I also improvised the organ solo on this track . Drums by Rick Latham.

“Bridge to Nowhere”.. The violin and muted flugelhorn take turns with the three verses. There is a cynical attitude in the rough hewn solos. Although, I hope to have also captured a reflective wistfulness in the song’s ambling gait.

.. I wrote this originally for violin, but I kept hearing it my head on horn. So I decided to put the fiddle down and feature the flugelhorn throughout. Again, drummer Rick Latham provides the tight driving rhythm. Benedikt is responsible for the silky warm underscore in support of the solos.

“Gypsy Blue”.. Here a wistful violinist and his quartet create a sweetly melancholy mood in an imaginary smokey downtown jazz club.

“Home Before Dawn”.. is a swinging retro tune adapted from a ballad I wrote years ago (don’t ask).. I like to think that it has a touch of Henry Mancini’s clear melodic style to go along with the tune’s happy, buoyant pace.

.. Here’s a loose, dreamy tune recorded in consort with the distant bells that ring an insistent evocation along with the reoccurring violin and Argentine bandoneon improvisations.

“Flight School”.. opens with a lonely horn anthem backed with string orchestra. Quietly, the keyboard steps in with a rhythmic ostinato, soon joined by drums (M. B. Gordy). Violin and flugelhorn then enter with an expansive melody. Eventually after solos, the two instruments join forces. As the energy smooths out, the original theme is recalled. In the final throes of Flight School, the violin and horn repeat their riffs, gliding off into a distant horizon.