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Romance After Hours

Posted by on Oct 15, 2013

Romance After Hours

“Romance After Hours” – The play list in “Romance After Hours” is made up of some of my personal favorite songs from the golden age of  lounge music. These are tunes one might have heard upon entering a back room bar in some long ago Las Vegas lounge.

Song List

Track  1 – “Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime” – the song most associated as Dean Martin’s theme song from his TV show.
Track  2 – “Am I Blue?” – a great torch song – made famous by Billie Holiday.
Track  3 – “Go Away Little Girl” – the rich, swinging voice of Steve Lawrence did this song justice.
Track  4 – “Come Rain Or Come Shine” – such a great tune! starts in a major key, while the last line cries out in a forceful minor key. A terrific ending!
Track  5 – “Willow Weep for Me” – a tender melody expressing so well the loss of love.
Track  6 – “‘Round Midnight” – the great, brooding jazz standard by the renowned Thelonius Monk.
Track  7 – “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” – perhaps the ultimate diva show song.
Track  8 – “Blue Velvet” – this, to me, is the pinnacle of lounge songs. I performed this one regularly before David Lynch used it in his film of the same title.
Track  9 – “Sleepy Time Down South” – Tin Pan Alley’s best song of life in ol’ Dixie. Louis Armstrong’s theme song.
Track  10 – “Just a Gigolo” – originally written and recorded in pre-war Germany. Very existential lyrics.
Track  11 – “Summertime” – everybody’s favorite Gershwin song. This sultry melody can make you sweat.
Track  12 – “The Good Life” – it’s last call, the bar is emptying out, you’re a bit tipsy and pondering some of life’s deep philosophical questions – this tune is reflective of all that.