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Posted by on Oct 15, 2013


“Elegancia” – This is a collection of music from South of the border. Three original composed songs of David Wilson and producer Benedikt Brydern are included in this album, merging with the spirited rumba rhythms, bossa novas, and Mexican ballads to send the listener on a musical journey into the heart of the Latin soul.

Song List

David writes:

Track  1 – “Besame Mucho” – we recorded this famous hot blooded Latin song to an insistent rhythm – I composed my own musical interludes for it.

Track  2 – “Quiet Nights and Quiet Stars”- in Portuguese titled “Concovado” – a subdued mellow bossa nova with romantic overtones.

Track  3 – “Desinfinado”- in my opinion, this tune “defines” bossa nova – made famous in the 60’s by saxophonist Stan Getz.

Track  4 – “Ventanas De Agosto”- Benedikt Brydern’s sprightly contribution to the genre of Latin smooth jazz. (that’s me by the way playing the organ)

Track  5 – “Black Orpheus”- this familiar Brazilian film theme is a favorite of nearly every musician – a riot to play.

Track  6 – “The Shadow Of Your Smile”- a film score (“The Sandpiper”) classic – an unforgettable melody to a mellow bossa beat.

Track  7 – “Girl from Ipanema”- Antonio Carlos Jobim’s most famous song. Even our youngest generation knows this tune.

Track  8 – “Coco Beach”- an excellent track to play when you arrive at the beach and you’re looking for a perfect spot to spread your beach towel.

Track  9 – “My Little Boat”- this brilliant little tune is filled with excitement and energy. Great fun!

Track  10 – “Vivianita”- I  hope this song conjures up romantic visions of a balmy night at a quaint desert hacienda.

Track  11 – “Meditation”- a groovy’, mellow, easy going’ bossa – another classic of Antonio Carlos Jobim.

Track  12 – “Spanish Eyes”- my rendition of a famous pop song from the 1950’s – written by the great German band leader Burt Kampfert.

Track  13 – “Blue Bossa”- a rollicking samba wraps up our journey into the heart of the Latin soul.