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Easy To Love

Posted by on Oct 15, 2013

Easy To Love
“Easy to Love” – an album in tribute to America’s greatest composer/lyricist – Cole Porter. The wide dynamic range of Porter’s great songs are reflected in these twelve carefully chosen selections.

Song List

Track # 1 – “Easy to Love” – a swingy, buoyant tune from “Born to Dance”.
Track # 2 – “In the Still of the Night” – from “Rosalie”. a glittering beguine that seems to rise and settle like a waning moon.
Track # 3 – “What Is This Thing Called Love?” – a lively tune, clever in melody and lyric – “you and me dear, only two for tea dear”.
Track # 4 – “From This Moment On” – this is how Elvis would sound if he played the violin.
Track # 5 – “I Love You” – this one works equally well with a swing or Latin feel – so we recorded this with both rhythms.
Track # 6 – “Goodbye, Little Dream” – sweet, sad, and dramatic – one of my favorites on the album.
Track # 7 – “My Heart Belongs to Daddy” – this song shows C.P.’s ability to craft a simple melody – it has attained an almost folk song status.
Track # 8 – “I Concentrate on You” – one of his most elaborate songs – spinning itself out with an inevitableness rarely found in Broadway music.
Track # 9 – “Love for Sale” – another from his early years (1930) – sultry and tragic – even without lyrics.
Track # 10 – “All of You” – from the hit “Silk Stockings” (1954) – a deceptively simple and effective ditty.
Track # 11 – “True Love” – such a sweet little waltz with an uplifting bridge section that makes the heart yearn.
Track # 12 – “Every Time We Say Goodbye” – pensive, a bit sad – expressing such sweet sorrow.