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Dreams Of Hollywood Nights

Posted by on Oct 15, 2013

Dreams Of Hollywood Nights

“Dreams Of Hollywood Nights” – A loving selection from the works of the great and revered Henry Mancini. Mr. Mancini called on me to provide him with violin solos on two of his last recording projects; so it was natural for me to pay him tribute with an album.

Song List

Track # 1 – “Charade” – this song’s ominous beauty is apparent to the listener from the first strains of the melody. Pianist Steve Hall does a beautiful job on the Steinway.

Track # 2 – “The Days Of Wine And Roses” – another Mancini film theme – most of us associate this song with Andy Williams’s distinctive interpretation.

Track # 3 – “Two For The Road” – this theme perfectly captures the spirit of this “must see” film from the 60’s.

Track # 4 – “Slow Hot Wind” – kind of a spooky tune – very spaced out attitude – we utilized lots of ‘verb on the violin to underscore its dream like qualities.

Track # 5 – “Natalie” – a jazzy waltz composed for the film “Me, Natalie” in 1969 – reminds me of “Emily” by the great jazz pianist Bill Evans.

Track # 6 – “Whistling Away The Dark” – from Blake Edward’s Paramount release “Darlin’Lili” – another wistful tune, expressing both remorse and hope.

Track # 7 – “It’s All There” – Henry Mancini wrote this song for me to record after he heard me play at a private Hollywood event – from the Blake Edwards film “Switch”.

Track # 8 – “Loss Of Love” – theme from the Carlo Ponti film “Sunflower”, one of Mancini’s darkest songs.

Track # 9 – “Mr. Lucky” – one of the first “jazz” themes to be utilized on TV back in the 50’s.

Track # 10 – “Crazy World” – from the Blake Edwards film “Victor, Victoria” – very soothing, very sweet.

Track # 11 – “Anywhere The Heart Goes” – from the popular television series “The Thornbirds” – this arrangement draws a bit from a “renaissance music” sound.

Track # 12 – “Moon River” – theme from Truman Capote/Blake Edwards/Natalie Woods movie “Breakfast At Tiffany’s” – a song destined to live forever.