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Cafe Europa

Posted by on Sep 15, 2010

Cafe Europa

“Cafe Europa” – This album is my eclectic mix of musical favorites from both European and American songbooks. My intent was to create an album to enjoy while idling away a sunny afternoon with warm friends and hot cappuccinos.



Song List

1 – “Theme from “Summerplace” – so carefree and effortless. I never tire of improvising over this happy melody.

2 – “Lady in Red” – a contemporary classic from the 1980’s. Tres romantique!

3 – “Hello Young Lovers” – a great Broadway waltz. I’ll never forget a “thumbs up” from Gene Kelly when playing this song in his presence.

4 – “What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life?” – a dark and intriguing ballad from the pen of Parisian songwriter Michel Legrand.

5 – “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” – Cole Porter’s famous swinging ballad. Recorded here with a Latin feel.

6 – “Barcarole from “Tales of Hoffman” – this graceful pastoral was written by the 19th century composer Offenbach.

7 – “Cafe Europa” – I wrote this piece to capture the sinuous grace of a Parisian waltz.

8 – Theme from “A Man and a Woman” – the film attached to this theme was a “must see” in the early 60’s. And everybody knows the lyrics!

9 – “But Not For Me” – by George and Ira Gershwin. I always liked Harry Connick’s vocal version of this remorseful song.

10 – “C’est Magnifique” – this one melody captures both the joy of love and the excitement of Paris.

11 – “The Swan” – another 19th century composition which I modified a bit with a light swing rhythm.

12 – “When I Fall in Love” – a reverent, almost holy sounding ballad – very stirring, melodically.

13 – “September Song” – Kurt Weill’s ironic little tune from 1938. for some reason I feel it with a cha-cha beat.

14 – “Once in a While” – a song of yearning, written and popularized duringĀ  WWII.

15 – “I’ll Be Seeing You” – the perfect song to end the perfect day.